Live at Anduna Beach Goa.
Someones got to do it.... :)
Wheel And Come Again (Pianopella)
Pieces of a man

Alive and kicking 

There's amazing venues and performances the way. Keep a look out for coming performances.

With a plethora of influences, Aldwin MJ is on a mission to bring his own brand of soul/electronica to the masses. Mainly performing solo. He generates a hybrid of soul and electronica with hints of Jazz, funk, and D&B. He uses hiis luscious vocals, melodic songs, deep bass lines and grooving programmed beats to glue it all together. 

Catch up with him live in the UK, Europe and the East NOW......

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Love Supreme was wicked! It wasn't possible to perform an electronica set so we jumped on the jazz vibe. Hope you like it. Love to everybody involved. So many new friends and a great vibe. X
Tunes, tunes, tunes…. A feast of music!
Here's me on the VIP stage with Al Scott and George Trebar

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